Susan Boyle Sings “Cry Me A River”

April 17, 2009

Susan Boyle - Cry Me A River

No, not the Justin Timberlake song – the 1950’s blues ballad, made famous by Julie London and later recorded by Ella Fitzgerald among others.

Continuing on the tidal wave that is the Susan Boyle phenomenon, a song has been unearthed that she recorded in 1999 for a charity CD – of which apparently only 1000 copies were made. Talk about a hot item to have right about now. The story of Susan’s version of “Cry Me A River” was broken as an exclusive by The Daily Record.

Susan’s performance on Britain’s Got Talent was moving and incredible, but this recording shows her true talent as a vocalist. I think she has a couple of creative career options locked up already – musical theater and now jazz standards. Listen to the track below as well as the original version by Julie London.

Susan Boyle “Cry Me A River”

Julie London “Cry Me A River”Julie London - The Very Best of Julie London - Cry Me a River

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  • Penelope De Paoli

    The saddest thing is that ten years of this fabulous voice has remained unheard. Itunes better get this up really soon. That charity will make a mint. How absolutely fabulous!

  • JM

    Listening just to the first minute, comparing Susan’s and Julie London’s versions, my view is that Susan’s is that much more subtle. Each phrase is slightly different from the next, whereas Julie’s has a sense of sameness with each phrase. I hope they re-release Susan’s 1999 CD.

    • admin

      Interestingly I would say the opposite – I think Julie London’s version is much more understated. Susan’s feels more traditional and incorporates a heavy vibrato. Julie’s version really leans on the blue notes which I love and is very minimal with the vibrato as you might hear similarly from Etta James. That said, Sarah Vaughan is a classic jazz singer who really worked the vibrato.

  • Scarlettsnan

    Julst listened to Susan’s version of Cry Me a River – WOW what a voice. Hope they re-release it.

  • Kathleen

    Susan is real, authentic, beautiful! She only wants to sing. I’m sure it will be a triumphant journey for her with a chance to earn fame and wealth. What is wrong with the way she looks? What is wrong with having an ordinary outside with an extraordinary inside? A makeover is what the world needs, not Susan. We need to forget about showy clothes and hairstyle. That is sameness. We need to stop destroying what doesn’t fit the definition of beauty for the few. Every human being is unique and worthy to be ennobled for the gifts they bring to the world. Allow Susan to be who she is. Her voice is so dynamic that everyone who hears her is spellbound in an instant. Watching the audience captured in the astonishing performance of a genuine talent was part of the magical gift Susan chose to share with the world. We need to embrace difference and raise it to the heights of human validation for all. We need to allow Susan Boyle…a 47-year old women who devoted her life to caring for her mother, who lives with her cat, who wants to sing…to walk gently forward into the eyes of the world with dignity.

    • Mark

      Nicely said Kathleen!
      You should be here songwriter

  • jackaroo109

    truly a senational voice. Good luck to you Susan, you will get awarded your dream very shortly…..Fron the land down under

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